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Academic Support

after-school-program-logoThe after school program provides 90 minutes per day of academic focused activities. During this time students work on their homework as well as additional reading and math practice. In order to support the school and their academic curriculum we use the same math programs the students are using during their regular school days. During our program hours we also offer individualized tutoring administered by licensed teachers for students who may need additional assistance academically.

Enrichment Opportunities

Sports/Fitness Conditioning: USTA Tennis/Rally ball, basketball, Zumba dance fitness and partnership with OHSU nursing program

Computer and Technology: Expanding Horizon’s Film program, digital photography, SORSA robotics, Radio Club & scratch animation

Arts: ceramics, sculpture, drawing, photography, painting, print making, & more

Dance: hip hop, break dancing, ballet, tap, jazz, & world dance

Science: GPS tracking, EcoLab, Investigation and Experimentation

Performance Arts and Music: Intro to guitar, recorders, drums; musical theatre, singing & hip hop writing/recording

Fiber Arts: sewing, quilting, weaving, knitting, & more

Culinary Arts: Intro to cooking, baking, healthy cooking & sports nutrition. Partnerships with Seeds to Table Program, Farm to Kitchen, Thrive and Jr. League

For a copy of the Medford School District Calendar:  http://www.medford.k12.or.us/Page/3136

For a copy of the School District 9 Calendar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2sWV9NFFwRIRXZHekY5TWRwbkk/view

Specific site information:
White City – Steve LeCroy – Work Phone (541) 816-7045  slecroy@kuoregon.org
Howard – Molly Hardcastle – Work Phone (541) 816-7428  mhardcastle@kuoregon.org
Washington – Art Martinez – Work Phone (541) 816-7834  amartinez@kuoregon.org
Roosevelt – Alondra Magana – Work Phone (541) 816-7693  amagana@kuoregon.org
Oak Grove – Monica Heard –Work Phone (541) 816-7860  mheard@kuoregon.org
Jackson – Nathan Kimbrough –Work Phone (541) 816-7722  nkimbrough@kuoregon.org
Wilson – Nicole Paradis – Work Phone (541) 816-7582  nparadis@kuoregon.org

Judy Patterson – KU Program Director – jpatterson@kuacademycharter.org