This year’s summer camp is summed up in one word, FUN-tastic! From water slides to riding horses, our campers had a summer to remember. Our camps were located in three different locations, Kids Unlimited Academy, Oak Grove, and Howard Elementary. As Kids Unlimited Academy is in its second year-round school year, our other camps had a head start in summer activities. Howard and Oak Grove camps began in June and lasted until August with 172 happy campers. In contrast, Kids Unlimited Academy began its summer camp in July and lasted for three memorable weeks with 200 campers. 

While the heat was high some days, it didn’t deter campers from enjoying their time with our fun yet educational enrichment activities, memorable field trips to last a lifetime, and our fantastic staff. They were artistic while learning about hieroglyphics, baked a delicious Oreo casserole, and played around with what they now know comes from ancient Egypt, salt dough. Not only were our campers learning at their camp locations, but they also had the opportunity to learn during their various field trips. Some of the neat experiences they got to be a part of were, mining for gold at Crater Rock Museum, learning how to take care and ride a horse, and spark curiosity and wonder through interactive science activities at none other than ScienceWorks. 

With similar field trips, such as ScienceWorks, KUA campers showed off their artistic skills, cooled off with a waterslide, and learned bike safety through Rogue Valley Transportation District. While Kids Unlimited Academy hosted its students for the summer, our Pre-Kinder building also hosted its summer camp for migrant children. 

Each of our summer camp locations were a success due to the excellent staff who made it possible. We thank every single one of them, and we are excited for what is to come next summer.