The Kids Unlimited Murals Project
Bringing the inside out and beautifying Liberty Park

Hover over each image to read the artist’s vision.×400.jpg

Within the blue patterned wall is the feature wall of the entrance area,
depicted here as flowing plant forms that represent the children. Each plant
is colored individually to represent diversity. The plants seem to be reaching
joyfully upward as they interweave harmoniously together.ENTRANCE ACCENT WALL

The design of the large outer wall is re-envisioned in a futuristic way that
incorporates the existing block structure of the wall. Patterned hues of
blue convey notions of clarity, transparency and clouds floating across
the sky. This sets a strong yet peaceful tone for the entire space.×400.jpg


This is a key area of the design that people will be experiencing most directly on a daily basis.
A minimalist design pattern representing a staircase or landscape stepping upwards into Kids Unlimited, is
utilized here to temper the hustle and bustle of the area and give a grounded organized feel.

For 15 years Kids Unlimited has built up an incredible campus in the Medford Liberty Park neighborhood, long recognized as one of the city’s most distressed neighborhoods. When Kids Unlimited obtained the iconic building that was known as Medford Lanes for 40 years, the KU family was excited to finally have a larger facility to call home. Now, Kids Unlimited is excited to work with internationally recognized mural artist Xavi Panneton to transform two of the buildings, that are nearest Riverside Avenue, into a bright spot in the downtown Medford.

“We are really excited about what the mural will mean for our entire campus. Over the last 15 years this building has been home to thousands of kids and families who use it daily to learn, eat healthy meals, play sports, explore the arts and so much more. The facilities that we have expanded and grown from the original bowling alley are nearing completion, and we believed it is time the outside reflects all of the positive work that happens inside.” Tom Cole, Kids Unlimited CEO

During phase two a mural will also envelope the new family literacy and resource center that will be located in the former Lithia Volkswagen building. The center will house a pre-school and maker space for youth entrepreneurial programs including the CMYKids print shop.

Kids Unlimited is dedicated to education, health the arts and to providing critical services to thousands of kids and their families through the K-8 charter school as well as after school, summer, athletic, and community programming. It is our hope that the continued expansion and beautification of our campus and facilities will invigorate the downtown Medford neighborhood while continuing to inspire kids and their families.×430.jpg[av_layout_row border=” min_height_percent=’25’ min_height_pc=’25’ min_height=’0′×300.jpg

Born in 1977, Xavi has been working for over 20 years as an independent artist & designer based in San Francisco. Originally from Washington DC, Xavi has created murals and installations in the US and internationally. Xavi now lives in Ashland OR, where he works from his studio and travels for projects.

“It’s an honor to be working with Kids Unlimited to redesign the exterior of both their buildings. It’s always been a dream of mine to design spaces for kids, and contribute to their growth through art,” said Xavi. “I’m very excited for this opportunity to help cultivate a vibrant creative environment for them and at the same time bring more color and life to downtown Medford.”

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