By Andrea Gee

Our girl’s volleyball team grew this year; we had a 7/8th grade Varsity team and a 6th and 7th-grade JV team. Our two JV teams played in our normal Kids Unlimited small school league. They did very well this year and grew as players. Many JV girls had never played volleyball before, and their skills improved significantly towards the end of the season. A few girls could not serve over the net; however, I promised them they could do it by the end of the season, and they did. They worked hard and improved their skills, even skills they didn’t know they had. Thank you to Coach Tanesha for helping these girls grow over the season. I am very proud of all the JV girls who played this year.  

Our Varsity girls placed in an 8th-grade bronze big school division, where we got the opportunity to travel to Grants Pass and Roseburg. I didn’t know what to expect playing in a big school league. I told the girls we had our work cut out for us. We were in a league that KUA had never played in before. They were all scared. I told them that I believed in them: “We may not win a single game, but you girls will prove yourself and do things you may not know you can do. We will work hard and have fun.” During practice, I would work them hard. They had conditioning days, and they stuck it out. The girls built their confidence level, and they worked harder. I pushed them and their skill level. They improved so much that I cannot wait to see some of the girls in high school playing.  

We created a lot of fun memories. I enjoyed coaching them. I wanted to build trust with these girls, so they knew I always had their back. I held my girls to a higher standard in respect. These girls did not just learn how to play volleyball, they learned life skills that I hope they continue to use daily. I cannot wait to see the 8th graders play in high school. I am proud of all these girls. Go KUA Lady Royals. We did it!!!!!!!!