By Tanesha Coley

Seeing the Lady Royals start their season off together and being able to coach them was such a tremendous opportunity. After a long school day, these girls worked each day to improve their skills. They learned how to be the best teammates, good sports — even in challenging situations — and represent Kids Unlimited Academy with maturity and class. 

Although the team had some challenging games, they had supportive families and friends along the way. I am impressed to see how each one handled themselves under such pressure and continued to have fun. Both varsity and JV figured out different ways to tackle obstacles in the best ways possible.

The KUA Lady Royals learned what it was like to work together and be a part of a team, and we got to a point where they were excited to practice and get better. Comparing this group during our first practice with the season’s improvements was terrific. We got to a point where everyone was scoring in games, and for a coach, that’s a great feeling. 

Both varsity and JV finished with incredible records. We had some tough opponents, but both teams played their best in each game and improved immensely during practice. Trying out a sport can sometimes be challenging. So to all the ladies who tried out and played through the season. Congratulations! WE ARE SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! Thank you to the parents, referees and bus drivers who made our practices and games possible!