The final Royals Awards Assembly of the 2022-23 school year recognized students’ academics, respect, integrity and responsibility, as well as standouts for students of the year. An eighth grader also took the spotlight for exemplary growth and effort.

Armando Castillo received Kids Unlimited Academy’s “Lighthouse Award,” created and presented by Lake Masi Tunoa, who teaches middle school

Armando Castillo received the KUA “Lighthouse Award.”

health and physical education. While Castillo didn’t get the best start to the year, he had a “great turnaround” to find and become a better version of himself, said Tunoa.

“… The Lighthouse award comes from the phrase ‘Be a lighthouse in a storming sea,’ meaning that the student represents the lighthouse and storming sea represents the tough obstacles and adversity the student has been through,” said Tunoa. “No matter how hard the waves crash against the lighthouse, it still shines its light … No matter what the student has been through, they are still trying to shine their light.”

Castillo also was honored at the May 31 assembly for advisory excellence, along with fellow eighth grader Mia Nicasio. Advisory excellence awards also went to seventh graders Mia Compher, Meylin Martinez and Evelyn Garcia; and sixth graders Jimena Villa, Marcelo Gutierrez, Roselynn Montes and Maritza Zepeda.

KUA students of the year are:

Kindergartners Camila Sandoval, Damien Colon Mitchell, Itzayanny Lara Cortez, Andrei Flores, Jonathan Melchor Cortes and Camila Costilla Reyes;

First graders Fernando Castaneda, Aria DeMarco, Brooklyn Avila, Sebastian Flores, Israel Aguilar and Emiliano Quinones;

Second graders Valentina Mejia-Medina, Amalia Vasquez, Aimeelilly Polataivao and Salvador Reynoso-Mendez;

Third graders Arizbeth Maldonado, David Becerra, Kimberly Valle Cortez and Arjen Cubillos;

Fourth graders Rayne Utegg, Ren Maya Velazquez, Mason Lozano and Genesis Maldonado;

Fifth graders Brandon Carrillo, Dahlia Moreno-Deras, Eden Colon and Carlos Lomeli-Hukill;

Sixth graders Brody Kiesser and Yaretzi Jasso;

Seventh graders Robin Mendez Nufio and Princess Lima;

Eighth graders Owen Nguyen and Crystal Rangel Villa;

ELD students Eveyln Garcia and Julian Cisneros.

Left to right: Rose Alvarez, Alexandria Warnke-Crary and Jacqui Gonzalez pose with KUA kindergarten students of the year.

Other awards are as follows:


Academic: Joseph Compher, Harlan O’Brien and Atticus Dutton

Respect: Connor Lambert, Yadira Cortes Perez and Uriel Bucio

Integrity: Nahomi Cortes, Emma Reynoso Mendez and Angel Rodriguez

Responsibility: Daniel Zepeda, Isaac Agee and Averie Heinze

First grade 

Academic: Liam Abernathy, Maria Zamora and Ricardo Valentin

Respect: Emma Thurman, Cristian Gomez Vargas and John Hurst

Integrity: Axel Gallegos, Hector Gomez Gonzalez and Kinzlie Saunders

Responsibility: Geovanni Lairs, Dianna Moreno and Luis Alacantara

Second grade

Academic: Aylin Villa and Jionnie Casillas

Respect: Anthony Hernandez and Gabriela Rocha

Integrity: Jayla Trinidad Alvarado and Vanessa Cortes

Responsibility: Aiden Montoya and Kaitlyn Smallwood

Third grade

Academic: Ruby Ojeda Morales and Genesis Rocha

Respect: Jarelli Rios Gutierrez and Eliseo Gomez Gonzalez

Integrity: Jessica Gonzalez and Alexander Quezada-Cortes

Responsibility: Monse Luna Muro and Dulce Vega

Fourth grade

Academic: Eva Sanders and Jaylah Ibarra

Respect: Yulemi Cortez and Santiago Flores

Integrity: Anahliya Williams and Jayce Sanders

Responsibility: Sophia Cruz Aguilar and Jayden Green

Fifth grade

Academic: Dominic Torres, Luz Dominguez and Fernando Munoz

Respect: Hunter Gee, Alyiah Kodysz, Brody Holt and Kassandra Gutierrez

Integrity: Daniel Blanco-Cortes, Brenda Cortes and Brian Morales

Responsibility: Felix Moreno, Maria Diaz and Jr. Roche

Sixth grade

Academic: Sydney Ashworth

Respect: Natalie Moreno- Deras

Integrity: Adriana Barajas

Responsibility: Alejandro Avalos Alfaro

Seventh grade

Academic: Camden Devaughn

Respect: Edith Villa

Integrity: Ivan Melchor Cortes

Responsibility: Emma Hernandez

Eighth grade

Academic: Andre Alcocer

Respect: Angel Solorio

Integrity: Jayida Hernandez

Responsibility: Romeo Nunez

White City KUA principal Ericka Beck-Brattin leads the satellite campus’ Royals Awards Assembly May 31.

White City students

Academic: Xavier Flores, Oliver Carroll, Denzel Perez, Kennedy Wilkins, Arizbey Baez-Molina and Theo Villalpando-Engelbach

Respect: Maasyn Carroll, Montana Farnham, Fatima Garcia Perez, Sofia Cervantes, Manuel Fletes and Samantha Townsend

Integrity: Trevor Mogford, Jenesis Reyes, Aileen Blanco, Liam Fuentes, David Castanda and Ellie Casey

Responsibility: Liah Ranirez, Chloe Borba, JJ Sanchez, Tidus Morgan, Aleeyah Ortiz and Briella Karnbach